Indoor Cycling and Fitness Studio



(Inside the Truly Fit Studio)


12749 W. Hillsborough Ave.

Tampa, Fl 33635


Welcome to Tampa’s very first indoor cycling studio on “non-stationary” bikes! With 2 locations, Ryde For Life is here to provide you with a fun, affordable, and convenient place that will help take you to the next level of fitness.

Until now, the dynamic of an indoor cycling class has essentially been limited to pedaling faster or slower at various resistance levels. But now, indoor cycling has taken an evolutionary leap, and Ryde For Life is here to offer that experience to you!

Our studios are equipped with RealRyder ABF8 bikes. Each bike uses CoreBalance technology. The RealRyder has a unique, articulating frame that allows the ryder to lean, steer and bank, in very much the same way that a road bike does.

With this amazing technology, these bikes offer every ryder an amazing 5-in-1 workout!! Every ryder will be challenging not only their legs and cardiovascular levels, but also their upper body, core muscles, and balance.  This allows YOU to burn up to 20% more calories than you would in an average spin class!!!

Compared to the RealRyder ABF8, other indoor bikes just aren’t working out.